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for Windows® Presentation Foundation (WPF) and .NET 4+
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for WPF 4+ and Silverlight™
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Similar features, higher performance: for >1000 tasks/long timelines.

Product Information

Gantt Chart Library includes task hierarchy and resource scheduling components for WPF (subset of Project Management Library):

Gantt Chart with list view, and Schedule Chart with list view

Main features:

  • Interactive task hierarchy management, resource scheduling, and resource load charts with:
    • Task bars and dependency lines supporting drag and drop operations;
    • Working time, scales, and zoom level customization;
    • Project baseline visualization, critical path enumeration;
    • Resource leveling algorithm;
  • Data binding with high customizability;
  • Rich user experience, customizable appearance, culture and theme awareness;
  • Microsoft Project® XML exporting support*;
  • Printing and image exporting;
  • Extended Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) pattern support (Prism).

System requirements:

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time unlimited access
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for testing purposes.
Provides access to
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  • Controls may be used in standard Windows® applications and browser (XBAP) client applications.
  • WPF controls may be integrated into Windows® Forms applications using Windows.Forms.Integration.ElementHost component provided by .NET Framework.
  • Licensed components may be redistributed royalty-free embedded within your applications.
  • Source code is available when purchasing Business Plus product licenses.
  • We will develop and add new features requested by customers to future product builds for free if we consider that they enable high valued and common development scenarios. Moreover, we can customize and integrate the components into an application or larger solution based on your specific requirements, as we also offer a full range of convenient software development services.

    * Features requested by customers that have been developed and added to previous product builds for free.

  • By purchasing a license for a specific product version you obtain the ability to upgrade for free to the future builds of the same major product version released in the next year, provided that you continue to use the licensed components available in the original package, and you may renew the license for a small percent of its standard price whenever you would need to use more recent builds. We also offer high discount rates to obtain supplemental licenses for the new components within future product versions, to upgrade to future major product versions, or to migrate to related products, whenever logically applicable.

  • Regardless of legal guarantee limitations specified within the End User License Agreement (EULA) documents of our products, we aim to provide free and unlimited support services to all customers, including answering technical questions and resolving reported issues by providing updated builds and specific hot fixes, at the maximum possible responsiveness level, even while using the trial version of our software.

Using Gantt Chart Library software developers can:

  • Display and allow end users to update an (indentation based) hierarchical list of tasks within the GanttChartTaskListView control; grid columns can be fully customized and templated:

    Gantt Chart with list view

        <pd:TaskItem Content="Task 1" IndexString="1"/>
        <pd:TaskItem Content="Task 2" IsExpanded="True" IndexString="6"/>
        <pd:TaskItem Content="Task 2.1" Indentation="1" Start="{x:Static sys:DateTime.Today}" Effort="16:00:00"                  IsCompleted="True" IndexString="7"/>
        <pd:TaskItem Content="Task 2.2" Indentation="1" Start="{x:Static sys:DateTime.Today}" Effort="08:00:00"                  CompletedEffort="06:00:00" IndexString="8"/>
        <pd:TaskItem Content="Task 2.3" Indentation="1" IsExpanded="True" IndexString="9" PredecessorsString="8"/>
        <pd:TaskItem Content="Task 2.3.1" Indentation="2" Start="{x:Static sys:DateTime.Today}" Effort="1.16:00:00"                  IndexString="10" Cost="2000"/>
        <pd:TaskItem Content="Task 2.3.2" Indentation="2" Start="{x:Static sys:DateTime.Today}" Effort="08:00:00"                  IndexString="11" PredecessorsString="10"/>
        <pd:TaskItem Content="Task 3" Start="{x:Static sys:DateTime.Today}" Effort="12:30:00"                  CompletedEffort="02:30:00" IndexString="12" PredecessorsString="9, 11SS+12"/>
        <pd:TaskItem Content="Task 4" Start="{x:Static sys:DateTime.Today}" Effort="16:00:00"                  AssignmentsString="Resource 1" IndexString="13"/>
        <pd:TaskItem Content="Task 5" Start="{x:Static sys:DateTime.Today}" Effort="20:00:00"                  AssignmentsString="Resource 1, Resource 2 [50%]" IndexString="14"/>
        <pd:TaskItem Content="Task 6" Start="{x:Static sys:DateTime.Today}" IsMilestone="True" IndexString="15"                  PredecessorsString="14+2"/>
            <pd:ResourceItem Content="Resource 1" CostPerUsage="100" CostPerHour="10"/>
            <pd:ResourceItem Content="Resource 2" CostPerHour="20"/>

  • Fully customize the chart and item appearance, including for individual entries in the view:

    Gantt Chart with list view, custom appearance

  • Fully customize the chart scales, zoom level, and the visible and working times of day and week in the view:

    Gantt Chart with list view, custom scale

  • Fully customize the working time schedule of the entire set of tasks, of an individual task, or even of an individual assignable resource:

    Gantt Chart with list view, custom schedule

  • Highlight the critical path items in the view:

    Gantt Chart with list view, critical path

  • Filter displayed tasks based on fully customizable criteria, such as based on resource assignments:

    Gantt Chart with list view, resource filtering

  • Display and allow end users to update the assignable resource list and their task assignments within the ScheduleChartResourceListView control; grid columns can be fully customized and templated:

    Schedule Chart with list view

  • Alternatively, display and/or allow end users to update the task hierarchy and resource scheduling information within simple GanttChartView and ScheduleChartView controls, without attached list views:

    Gantt Chart viewSchedule Chart view

  • Display resource allocation information within the LoadChartView control, either for a single resource item, such as that being currently selected in an external drop down list, or for multiple resource items, within the LoadChartResourceListView control:

    Load Chart view

    Load Chart with list view

Provided the flexibility and extensibility of the included components, complex functionality can also be achieved when needed in advanced scenarios, without modifying the original source code of the software (although the source code is available with Business Plus licenses):

  • Fully customize the task bar templates, such as to enable inline task value editing, or presenting multiple bars (e.g. planned vs. actual timing values), supplemental textual information, and timeline bound marker icons in the chart:

    Gantt Chart with list view, bar templating

  • Customize the view and include code to present and accept day and week numbers instead of specific date and time values:

    Gantt Chart with list view, numeric days

  • Customize the view and include code to present and accept custom task identifiers instead of numeric indexes when defining predecessors:

    Gantt Chart with list view, custom identifiers

You can download, install, and test the software package for free, for as long as needed. If you find the software useful and you would like to use it in production, you need to purchase and install the product license on your computer(s). Don't hesitate to request support whenever needed.

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