Hierarchical Data Library

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NuGet package: DlhSoft.HierarchicalDataLibrary

Node items

To load and present data with TreeListView control, initialize the Items collection of the component or its ItemsSource property, setting up items representing nodes identified by these main properties: Indentation, and Content.

You may use either the built-in NodeItem class or a custom type to create data item objects. If item property names are different, they should be identified using MemberPath properties of the component. IndentationMemberPath, DisplayMemberPath, etc.

Parent nodes are determined by checking Indentation levels of subsequent items, and can be expanded or collapsed.

component.ItemsSource = …;

Hierarchical Data Light Library provides a similar tree-grid control for WPF with higher performance!

It has been redesigned from scratch with performance in mind, using the newer Microsoft® DataGrid control instead of ListView.

MVVM support

The control provides standard item binding and selection features, and accepts standard and custom commands as appropriate.

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Grid columns

You may customize the column collection of the grid by adding or redesigning data bound and cell template based columns.

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Styling and templating

You may fully customize styles and templates of the component and its inner parts using XAML. Optionally, adapt and reuse any parts of the default XAML definitions that we have made available for multiple themes including Aero, Aero2, and Classic.

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Core entity manager

You can use a NodeManager component instance to provide core collection management features behind the scenes, and optionally bind it to visual control instances later, as needed.

For each object in the custom data source, a manager object creates and manages synchronized domain entity counterparts, providing the actual functions required by the user interface component instances.

var nodeManager = new NodeManager(…); component.NodeManagerSource = nodeManager;

Knowledge base

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