DlhSoft Gantt Chart Control Survey

Welcome and thank you for your interest. We would like to improve our Gantt Chart related products and services, and assuming that you develop applications that present project data (such as tasks and assigned resources) using Gantt Chart or related controls, we would like to ask you to answer a small set of questions in order for us to focus in the right direction. Please note that your contact information fields, as all other answers, are not mandatory. Thank you in advance for your time.

  1. What are the target platforms that your previously developed (or future scheduled) Gantt Chart-enabled applications have used (or will use)?

  2. What features of Gantt Chart development components do you and your applications require at a minimum or as the most important?

  3. What is the maximum estimated data volume that you have to load within a Gantt Chart or related control instance in your applications?

  4. If you have tested (or reviewed information about) multiple Gantt Chart or related controls from different vendors, which component provider do you think it is (or would be) the best choice for you and your projects?

  5. What are the most important reasons that you have considered (or would consider) when selecting a specific software component provider to purchase Gantt Chart controls from?

  6. What is your contact information? (All fields are optional.)

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Thank you again for submitting the answers, helping us choose the appropriate direction for improving our Gantt Chart products and related services. Be assured that we will use any information you provide only for statistical purposes, as indicated within our general Privacy Statement.