The DataTreeGrid type exposes the following members.


Initializes a new DataTreeGrid instance.


AddChild (Inherited from ItemsControl.)
AddLogicalChild (Inherited from FrameworkElement.)
AddText (Inherited from ItemsControl.)
AddToEventRoute (Inherited from UIElement.)
AddVisualChild (Inherited from Visual.)
ApplyTemplate (Inherited from FrameworkElement.)
Arrange (Inherited from UIElement.)
ArrangeCore (Inherited from FrameworkElement.)
ArrangeOverride (Inherited from Control.)
Attaches the specified item to this control instance.
BeginInit (Inherited from ItemsControl.)
Signals the beginning of a set of updates within the items collection, in order to temporarily remove automatic user interface refreshes during this time, for optimization purposes. When the updates are complete, call EndUpdateItems()()() method to refresh the user inteface and to revert to its standard behavior.
BeginUpdateSelectedItems (Inherited from MultiSelector.)
Returns a value that indicates whether the specified item may be moved down in the collection, optionally with its entire following children array, and optionally ensuring preserving the current parent item.
Returns a value that indicates whether the specified item may be moved up in the collection, optionally with its entire following children array, and optionally ensuring preserving the current parent item.
CaptureMouse (Inherited from UIElement.)
CaptureStylus (Inherited from UIElement.)
CaptureTouch (Inherited from UIElement.)
CheckAccess (Inherited from DispatcherObject.)
ClearContainerForItemOverride (Inherited from DataGrid.)
ClearDetailsVisibilityForItem (Inherited from DataGrid.)
CoerceValue (Inherited from DependencyObject.)
Collapses all parent nodes in the hierarchy.
ColumnFromDisplayIndex (Inherited from DataGrid.)
ContainerFromElement (Inherited from ItemsControl.)
Continues asynchronous presentation data load, if it was in progress and paused.
Default item comparison for sorting items based on their content.
EndInit (Inherited from ItemsControl.)
Signals the end of a set of updates within the items collection initiated by a BeginUpdateItems()()() call, in order to refresh the user interface.
EndUpdateSelectedItems (Inherited from MultiSelector.)
Resets any invalid indentation values in order to obtain a valid node hierarchy.
Equals (Inherited from DependencyObject.)
Expands all parent nodes in the hierarchy.
Finalize (Inherited from Object.)
FindCommonVisualAncestor (Inherited from Visual.)
FindName (Inherited from FrameworkElement.)
FindResource (Inherited from FrameworkElement.)
Focus (Inherited from UIElement.)
GetAnimationBaseValue (Inherited from UIElement.)
GetBindingExpression (Inherited from FrameworkElement.)
GetContainerForItemOverride (Inherited from DataGrid.)
GetDetailsVisibilityForItem (Inherited from DataGrid.)
Iterates the expandable items in the hierarchical collection.
GetHashCode (Inherited from DependencyObject.)
GetLayoutClip (Inherited from FrameworkElement.)
Iterates the leaf items in the hierarchical collection.
GetLocalValueEnumerator (Inherited from DependencyObject.)
Iterates the root items in the hierarchical collection.
Counts the currently visible selected items in the hierarchy and all their child items.
Enumerates the currently visible selected items in the hierarchy and all their child items.
GetTemplateChild (Inherited from FrameworkElement.)
GetType (Inherited from Object.)
GetUIParentCore (Inherited from FrameworkElement.)
GetValue (Inherited from DependencyObject.)
GetVisualChild (Inherited from FrameworkElement.)
Searches for the specified item and returns its zero-based index in the collection.
InputHitTest (Inherited from UIElement.)
InvalidateArrange (Inherited from UIElement.)
InvalidateMeasure (Inherited from UIElement.)
InvalidateProperty (Inherited from DependencyObject.)
InvalidateVisual (Inherited from UIElement.)
IsAncestorOf (Inherited from Visual.)
IsDescendantOf (Inherited from Visual.)
IsItemItsOwnContainer (Inherited from ItemsControl.)
IsItemItsOwnContainerOverride (Inherited from DataGrid.)
Measure (Inherited from UIElement.)
MeasureCore (Inherited from FrameworkElement.)
MeasureOverride (Inherited from DataGrid.)
MemberwiseClone (Inherited from Object.)
Moves the specified item down in the collection, optionally with its entire following children array, and optionally ensuring preserving the current parent item.
MoveFocus (Inherited from FrameworkElement.)
Moves the specified range of items from the specified index to a new index in the collection. You may call EnsureValidHierarchy()()() after this operation completes to preserve hierarchical collection validity.
Moves the specified item up in the collection, optionally with its entire following children array, and optionally ensuring preserving the current parent item.
OnAccessKey (Inherited from UIElement.)
OnAddingNewItem (Inherited from DataGrid.)
OnAlternationCountChanged (Inherited from ItemsControl.)
Builds the visual tree for the DataTreeGrid when a new template is applied and updates appropriate internal properties of the control.
(Overrides DataGridOnApplyTemplate()()().)
Raises the AsyncPresentationCompleted event.
Raises the AsyncPresentationStarted event.
OnAutoGeneratedColumns (Inherited from DataGrid.)
OnAutoGeneratingColumn (Inherited from DataGrid.)
OnBeginningEdit (Inherited from DataGrid.)
OnCanExecuteBeginEdit (Inherited from DataGrid.)
OnCanExecuteCancelEdit (Inherited from DataGrid.)
OnCanExecuteCommitEdit (Inherited from DataGrid.)
OnCanExecuteCopy (Inherited from DataGrid.)
OnCanExecuteDelete (Inherited from DataGrid.)
OnCellEditEnding (Inherited from DataGrid.)
OnChildDesiredSizeChanged (Inherited from UIElement.)
OnColumnDisplayIndexChanged (Inherited from DataGrid.)
OnColumnHeaderDragCompleted (Inherited from DataGrid.)
OnColumnHeaderDragDelta (Inherited from DataGrid.)
OnColumnHeaderDragStarted (Inherited from DataGrid.)
OnColumnReordered (Inherited from DataGrid.)
OnColumnReordering (Inherited from DataGrid.)
OnContextMenuClosing (Inherited from FrameworkElement.)
OnContextMenuOpening (Inherited from DataGrid.)
OnCopyingRowClipboardContent (Inherited from DataGrid.)
OnCreateAutomationPeer (Inherited from DataGrid.)
OnCurrentCellChanged (Inherited from DataGrid.)
OnDisplayMemberPathChanged (Inherited from ItemsControl.)
OnDpiChanged (Inherited from Visual.)
OnDragEnter (Inherited from UIElement.)
OnDragLeave (Inherited from UIElement.)
OnDragOver (Inherited from UIElement.)
OnDrop (Inherited from UIElement.)
OnExecutedBeginEdit (Inherited from DataGrid.)
OnExecutedCancelEdit (Inherited from DataGrid.)
OnExecutedCommitEdit (Inherited from DataGrid.)
OnExecutedCopy (Inherited from DataGrid.)
OnExecutedDelete (Inherited from DataGrid.)
OnGiveFeedback (Inherited from UIElement.)
OnGotFocus (Inherited from FrameworkElement.)
OnGotKeyboardFocus (Inherited from UIElement.)
OnGotMouseCapture (Inherited from UIElement.)
OnGotStylusCapture (Inherited from UIElement.)
OnGotTouchCapture (Inherited from UIElement.)
OnGroupStyleSelectorChanged (Inherited from ItemsControl.)
OnInitialized (Inherited from Selector.)
OnInitializingNewItem (Inherited from DataGrid.)
OnIsKeyboardFocusedChanged (Inherited from UIElement.)
OnIsKeyboardFocusWithinChanged (Inherited from Selector.)
OnIsMouseCapturedChanged (Inherited from DataGrid.)
OnIsMouseCaptureWithinChanged (Inherited from UIElement.)
OnIsMouseDirectlyOverChanged (Inherited from UIElement.)
OnIsStylusCapturedChanged (Inherited from UIElement.)
OnIsStylusCaptureWithinChanged (Inherited from UIElement.)
OnIsStylusDirectlyOverChanged (Inherited from UIElement.)
OnItemBindingGroupChanged (Inherited from ItemsControl.)
Raises the ItemCollectionChanged event.
OnItemContainerStyleChanged (Inherited from ItemsControl.)
OnItemContainerStyleSelectorChanged (Inherited from ItemsControl.)
Raises the ItemPropertyChanged event.
OnItemsChanged (Inherited from DataGrid.)
OnItemsPanelChanged (Inherited from ItemsControl.)
OnItemsSourceChanged (Inherited from DataGrid.)
OnItemStringFormatChanged (Inherited from ItemsControl.)
OnItemTemplateChanged (Inherited from ItemsControl.)
OnItemTemplateSelectorChanged (Inherited from ItemsControl.)
OnKeyDown (Inherited from DataGrid.)
OnKeyUp (Inherited from UIElement.)
OnLoadingRow (Inherited from DataGrid.)
OnLoadingRowDetails (Inherited from DataGrid.)
OnLostFocus (Inherited from UIElement.)
OnLostKeyboardFocus (Inherited from UIElement.)
OnLostMouseCapture (Inherited from UIElement.)
OnLostStylusCapture (Inherited from UIElement.)
OnLostTouchCapture (Inherited from UIElement.)
OnManipulationBoundaryFeedback (Inherited from UIElement.)
OnManipulationCompleted (Inherited from UIElement.)
OnManipulationDelta (Inherited from UIElement.)
OnManipulationInertiaStarting (Inherited from UIElement.)
OnManipulationStarted (Inherited from UIElement.)
OnManipulationStarting (Inherited from UIElement.)
OnMouseDoubleClick (Inherited from Control.)
OnMouseDown (Inherited from UIElement.)
OnMouseEnter (Inherited from UIElement.)
OnMouseLeave (Inherited from UIElement.)
OnMouseLeftButtonDown (Inherited from UIElement.)
OnMouseLeftButtonUp (Inherited from UIElement.)
OnMouseMove (Inherited from DataGrid.)
OnMouseRightButtonDown (Inherited from UIElement.)
OnMouseRightButtonUp (Inherited from UIElement.)
OnMouseUp (Inherited from UIElement.)
OnMouseWheel (Inherited from UIElement.)
OnPreparingCellForEdit (Inherited from DataGrid.)
OnPreviewDragEnter (Inherited from UIElement.)
OnPreviewDragLeave (Inherited from UIElement.)
OnPreviewDragOver (Inherited from UIElement.)
OnPreviewDrop (Inherited from UIElement.)
OnPreviewGiveFeedback (Inherited from UIElement.)
OnPreviewGotKeyboardFocus (Inherited from UIElement.)
OnPreviewKeyDown (Inherited from UIElement.)
OnPreviewKeyUp (Inherited from UIElement.)
OnPreviewLostKeyboardFocus (Inherited from UIElement.)
OnPreviewMouseDoubleClick (Inherited from Control.)
OnPreviewMouseDown (Inherited from UIElement.)
OnPreviewMouseLeftButtonDown (Inherited from UIElement.)
OnPreviewMouseLeftButtonUp (Inherited from UIElement.)
OnPreviewMouseMove (Inherited from UIElement.)
OnPreviewMouseRightButtonDown (Inherited from UIElement.)
OnPreviewMouseRightButtonUp (Inherited from UIElement.)
OnPreviewMouseUp (Inherited from UIElement.)
OnPreviewMouseWheel (Inherited from UIElement.)
OnPreviewQueryContinueDrag (Inherited from UIElement.)
OnPreviewStylusButtonDown (Inherited from UIElement.)
OnPreviewStylusButtonUp (Inherited from UIElement.)
OnPreviewStylusDown (Inherited from UIElement.)
OnPreviewStylusInAirMove (Inherited from UIElement.)
OnPreviewStylusInRange (Inherited from UIElement.)
OnPreviewStylusMove (Inherited from UIElement.)
OnPreviewStylusOutOfRange (Inherited from UIElement.)
OnPreviewStylusSystemGesture (Inherited from UIElement.)
OnPreviewStylusUp (Inherited from UIElement.)
OnPreviewTextInput (Inherited from UIElement.)
OnPreviewTouchDown (Inherited from UIElement.)
OnPreviewTouchMove (Inherited from UIElement.)
OnPreviewTouchUp (Inherited from UIElement.)
OnPropertyChanged (Inherited from FrameworkElement.)
OnQueryContinueDrag (Inherited from UIElement.)
OnQueryCursor (Inherited from UIElement.)
OnRender (Inherited from UIElement.)
OnRenderSizeChanged (Inherited from FrameworkElement.)
OnRowDetailsVisibilityChanged (Inherited from DataGrid.)
OnRowEditEnding (Inherited from DataGrid.)
OnSelectedCellsChanged (Inherited from DataGrid.)
OnSelectionChanged (Inherited from DataGrid.)
OnSorting (Inherited from DataGrid.)
OnStyleChanged (Inherited from FrameworkElement.)
OnStylusButtonDown (Inherited from UIElement.)
OnStylusButtonUp (Inherited from UIElement.)
OnStylusDown (Inherited from UIElement.)
OnStylusEnter (Inherited from UIElement.)
OnStylusInAirMove (Inherited from UIElement.)
OnStylusInRange (Inherited from UIElement.)
OnStylusLeave (Inherited from UIElement.)
OnStylusMove (Inherited from UIElement.)
OnStylusOutOfRange (Inherited from UIElement.)
OnStylusSystemGesture (Inherited from UIElement.)
OnStylusUp (Inherited from UIElement.)
OnTemplateChanged (Inherited from DataGrid.)
OnTextInput (Inherited from DataGrid.)
OnToolTipClosing (Inherited from FrameworkElement.)
OnToolTipOpening (Inherited from FrameworkElement.)
OnTouchDown (Inherited from UIElement.)
OnTouchEnter (Inherited from UIElement.)
OnTouchLeave (Inherited from UIElement.)
OnTouchMove (Inherited from UIElement.)
OnTouchUp (Inherited from UIElement.)
OnUnloadingRow (Inherited from DataGrid.)
OnUnloadingRowDetails (Inherited from DataGrid.)
OnVisualChildrenChanged (Inherited from Visual.)
OnVisualParentChanged (Inherited from FrameworkElement.)
ParentLayoutInvalidated (Inherited from FrameworkElement.)
Pauses asynchronous presentation data load, if it was in progress.
PointFromScreen (Inherited from Visual.)
PointToScreen (Inherited from Visual.)
PredictFocus (Inherited from FrameworkElement.)
PrepareContainerForItemOverride (Inherited from DataGrid.)
RaiseEvent (Inherited from UIElement.)
ReadLocalValue (Inherited from DependencyObject.)
RegisterName (Inherited from FrameworkElement.)
ReleaseAllTouchCaptures (Inherited from UIElement.)
ReleaseMouseCapture (Inherited from UIElement.)
ReleaseStylusCapture (Inherited from UIElement.)
ReleaseTouchCapture (Inherited from UIElement.)
RemoveHandler (Inherited from UIElement.)
RemoveLogicalChild (Inherited from FrameworkElement.)
RemoveVisualChild (Inherited from Visual.)
SelectAll (Inherited from MultiSelector.)
SelectAllCells (Inherited from DataGrid.)
SetCurrentValue (Inherited from DependencyObject.)
SetDetailsVisibilityForItem (Inherited from DataGrid.)
SetResourceReference (Inherited from FrameworkElement.)
ShouldApplyItemContainerStyle (Inherited from ItemsControl.)
ShouldSerializeCommandBindings (Inherited from UIElement.)
ShouldSerializeGroupStyle (Inherited from ItemsControl.)
ShouldSerializeInputBindings (Inherited from UIElement.)
ShouldSerializeItems (Inherited from ItemsControl.)
ShouldSerializeProperty (Inherited from DependencyObject.)
ShouldSerializeResources (Inherited from FrameworkElement.)
ShouldSerializeStyle (Inherited from FrameworkElement.)
ShouldSerializeTriggers (Inherited from FrameworkElement.)
Switches the two specified ranges of items in the collection.
ToString (Inherited from ItemsControl.)
TransformToDescendant (Inherited from Visual.)
TransformToVisual (Inherited from Visual.)
TranslatePoint (Inherited from UIElement.)
TryFindResource (Inherited from FrameworkElement.)
UnregisterName (Inherited from FrameworkElement.)
UnselectAll (Inherited from MultiSelector.)
UnselectAllCells (Inherited from DataGrid.)
Updates the IsActuallyCollapsible property values for all the managed items, if needed, based on the current runtime conditions.
UpdateDefaultStyle (Inherited from FrameworkElement.)
UpdateLayout (Inherited from UIElement.)
VerifyAccess (Inherited from DispatcherObject.)


Identifies the CollapsibilityMaxCount dependency property.
Identifies the ExpanderTemplate dependency property.
Identifies the IndentationUnitSize dependency property.
Identifies the IsAsyncPresentationEnabledMinCount dependency property.
Identifies the IsAsyncPresentationEnabledPageSize dependency property.
Identifies the IsAsyncPresentationEnabled dependency property.
Identifies the Items dependency property.


ActualHeight (Inherited from FrameworkElement.)
ActualWidth (Inherited from FrameworkElement.)
AllowDrop (Inherited from UIElement.)
AlternatingRowBackground (Inherited from DataGrid.)
AlternationCount (Inherited from ItemsControl.)
AreAnyTouchesCaptured (Inherited from UIElement.)
AreAnyTouchesCapturedWithin (Inherited from UIElement.)
AreAnyTouchesDirectlyOver (Inherited from UIElement.)
AreAnyTouchesOver (Inherited from UIElement.)
AreRowDetailsFrozen (Inherited from DataGrid.)
AutoGenerateColumns (Inherited from DataGrid.)
Background (Inherited from Control.)
BindingGroup (Inherited from FrameworkElement.)
BitmapEffect Obsolete. (Inherited from UIElement.)
BitmapEffectInput Obsolete. (Inherited from UIElement.)
BorderBrush (Inherited from Control.)
BorderThickness (Inherited from Control.)
CacheMode (Inherited from UIElement.)
CanSelectMultipleItems (Inherited from MultiSelector.)
CanUserAddRows (Inherited from DataGrid.)
CanUserDeleteRows (Inherited from DataGrid.)
CanUserReorderColumns (Inherited from DataGrid.)
CanUserResizeColumns (Inherited from DataGrid.)
CanUserResizeRows (Inherited from DataGrid.)
CanUserSortColumns (Inherited from DataGrid.)
CellsPanelHorizontalOffset (Inherited from DataGrid.)
CellStyle (Inherited from DataGrid.)
Clip (Inherited from UIElement.)
ClipboardCopyMode (Inherited from DataGrid.)
ClipToBounds (Inherited from UIElement.)
Gets or sets the children count limit for parent nodes in order to be collapsible and expandable from the user interface; null by default, indicating that no limit applies. This is a dependency property.
ColumnHeaderHeight (Inherited from DataGrid.)
ColumnHeaderStyle (Inherited from DataGrid.)
Columns (Inherited from DataGrid.)
ColumnWidth (Inherited from DataGrid.)
CommandBindings (Inherited from UIElement.)
ContextMenu (Inherited from FrameworkElement.)
CurrentCell (Inherited from DataGrid.)
CurrentColumn (Inherited from DataGrid.)
CurrentItem (Inherited from DataGrid.)
Cursor (Inherited from FrameworkElement.)
DataContext (Inherited from FrameworkElement.)
DefaultStyleKey (Inherited from FrameworkElement.)
DependencyObjectType (Inherited from DependencyObject.)
DesiredSize (Inherited from UIElement.)
Dispatcher (Inherited from DispatcherObject.)
DisplayMemberPath (Inherited from ItemsControl.)
DragIndicatorStyle (Inherited from DataGrid.)
DropLocationIndicatorStyle (Inherited from DataGrid.)
Effect (Inherited from UIElement.)
EnableColumnVirtualization (Inherited from DataGrid.)
EnableRowVirtualization (Inherited from DataGrid.)
Gets or sets the template used for displaying node expanders in the DataTreeGridColumn cells. This is a dependency property.
FlowDirection (Inherited from FrameworkElement.)
Focusable (Inherited from UIElement.)
FocusVisualStyle (Inherited from FrameworkElement.)
FontFamily (Inherited from Control.)
FontSize (Inherited from Control.)
FontStretch (Inherited from Control.)
FontStyle (Inherited from Control.)
FontWeight (Inherited from Control.)
ForceCursor (Inherited from FrameworkElement.)
Foreground (Inherited from Control.)
FrozenColumnCount (Inherited from DataGrid.)
GridLinesVisibility (Inherited from DataGrid.)
GroupStyle (Inherited from ItemsControl.)
GroupStyleSelector (Inherited from ItemsControl.)
HandlesScrolling (Inherited from DataGrid.)
HasAnimatedProperties (Inherited from UIElement.)
HasEffectiveKeyboardFocus (Inherited from UIElement.)
HasItems (Inherited from ItemsControl.)
HeadersVisibility (Inherited from DataGrid.)
Height (Inherited from FrameworkElement.)
HorizontalAlignment (Inherited from FrameworkElement.)
HorizontalContentAlignment (Inherited from Control.)
HorizontalGridLinesBrush (Inherited from DataGrid.)
HorizontalScrollBarVisibility (Inherited from DataGrid.)
Gets or sets the indentation left padding used for each hierarchical level in the view. This is a dependency property.
InheritanceBehavior (Inherited from FrameworkElement.)
InputBindings (Inherited from UIElement.)
InputScope (Inherited from FrameworkElement.)
IsArrangeValid (Inherited from UIElement.)
Gets or sets a value that indicates whether asynchronous presentation mode is enabled (true by default). This is a dependency property.
Gets or sets the number of items to be initially loaded synchronously when using asychronous presentation mode within the control (having IsAsyncPresentationEnabled property set to true). This is a dependency property.
Gets or sets the number of items to be loaded synchronously as one step when using asychronous presentation mode within the control (having IsAsyncPresentationEnabled property set to true). This is a dependency property.
IsEnabled (Inherited from UIElement.)
IsEnabledCore (Inherited from UIElement.)
IsFocused (Inherited from UIElement.)
IsGrouping (Inherited from ItemsControl.)
IsHitTestVisible (Inherited from UIElement.)
IsInitialized (Inherited from FrameworkElement.)
IsInputMethodEnabled (Inherited from UIElement.)
IsKeyboardFocused (Inherited from UIElement.)
IsKeyboardFocusWithin (Inherited from UIElement.)
IsLoaded (Inherited from FrameworkElement.)
IsManipulationEnabled (Inherited from UIElement.)
IsMeasureValid (Inherited from UIElement.)
IsMouseCaptured (Inherited from UIElement.)
IsMouseCaptureWithin (Inherited from UIElement.)
IsMouseDirectlyOver (Inherited from UIElement.)
IsMouseOver (Inherited from UIElement.)
IsReadOnly (Inherited from DataGrid.)
IsSealed (Inherited from DependencyObject.)
IsStylusCaptured (Inherited from UIElement.)
IsStylusCaptureWithin (Inherited from UIElement.)
IsStylusDirectlyOver (Inherited from UIElement.)
IsStylusOver (Inherited from UIElement.)
IsSynchronizedWithCurrentItem (Inherited from Selector.)
IsTabStop (Inherited from Control.)
IsTextSearchCaseSensitive (Inherited from ItemsControl.)
IsTextSearchEnabled (Inherited from ItemsControl.)
IsUpdatingSelectedItems (Inherited from MultiSelector.)
IsVisible (Inherited from UIElement.)
Gets the item at the specified index in the collection.
ItemBindingGroup (Inherited from ItemsControl.)
ItemContainerGenerator (Inherited from ItemsControl.)
ItemContainerStyle (Inherited from ItemsControl.)
ItemContainerStyleSelector (Inherited from ItemsControl.)
Gets a collection of DataTreeGridItem objects that represent the individual items in the DataTreeGrid control. This is a dependency property.
ItemsPanel (Inherited from ItemsControl.)
ItemsSource (Inherited from ItemsControl.)
ItemStringFormat (Inherited from ItemsControl.)
ItemTemplate (Inherited from ItemsControl.)
ItemTemplateSelector (Inherited from ItemsControl.)
Language (Inherited from FrameworkElement.)
LayoutTransform (Inherited from FrameworkElement.)
LogicalChildren (Inherited from ItemsControl.)
Margin (Inherited from FrameworkElement.)
MaxColumnWidth (Inherited from DataGrid.)
MaxHeight (Inherited from FrameworkElement.)
MaxWidth (Inherited from FrameworkElement.)
MinColumnWidth (Inherited from DataGrid.)
MinHeight (Inherited from FrameworkElement.)
MinRowHeight (Inherited from DataGrid.)
MinWidth (Inherited from FrameworkElement.)
Name (Inherited from FrameworkElement.)
NewItemMargin (Inherited from DataGrid.)
NonFrozenColumnsViewportHorizontalOffset (Inherited from DataGrid.)
Opacity (Inherited from UIElement.)
OpacityMask (Inherited from UIElement.)
OverridesDefaultStyle (Inherited from FrameworkElement.)
Padding (Inherited from Control.)
Parent (Inherited from FrameworkElement.)
PersistId Obsolete. (Inherited from UIElement.)
RenderSize (Inherited from UIElement.)
RenderTransform (Inherited from UIElement.)
RenderTransformOrigin (Inherited from UIElement.)
Resources (Inherited from FrameworkElement.)
RowBackground (Inherited from DataGrid.)
RowDetailsTemplate (Inherited from DataGrid.)
RowDetailsTemplateSelector (Inherited from DataGrid.)
RowDetailsVisibilityMode (Inherited from DataGrid.)
RowHeaderActualWidth (Inherited from DataGrid.)
RowHeaderStyle (Inherited from DataGrid.)
RowHeaderTemplate (Inherited from DataGrid.)
RowHeaderTemplateSelector (Inherited from DataGrid.)
RowHeaderWidth (Inherited from DataGrid.)
RowHeight (Inherited from DataGrid.)
RowStyle (Inherited from DataGrid.)
RowStyleSelector (Inherited from DataGrid.)
RowValidationErrorTemplate (Inherited from DataGrid.)
RowValidationRules (Inherited from DataGrid.)
SelectedCells (Inherited from DataGrid.)
SelectedIndex (Inherited from Selector.)
SelectedItem (Inherited from Selector.)
SelectedItems (Inherited from MultiSelector.)
SelectedValue (Inherited from Selector.)
SelectedValuePath (Inherited from Selector.)
SelectionMode (Inherited from DataGrid.)
SelectionUnit (Inherited from DataGrid.)
SnapsToDevicePixels (Inherited from UIElement.)
Style (Inherited from FrameworkElement.)
StylusPlugIns (Inherited from UIElement.)
TabIndex (Inherited from Control.)
Tag (Inherited from FrameworkElement.)
Template (Inherited from Control.)
TemplatedParent (Inherited from FrameworkElement.)
ToolTip (Inherited from FrameworkElement.)
TouchesCaptured (Inherited from UIElement.)
TouchesCapturedWithin (Inherited from UIElement.)
TouchesDirectlyOver (Inherited from UIElement.)
TouchesOver (Inherited from UIElement.)
Triggers (Inherited from FrameworkElement.)
Uid (Inherited from UIElement.)
UseLayoutRounding (Inherited from FrameworkElement.)
VerticalAlignment (Inherited from FrameworkElement.)
VerticalContentAlignment (Inherited from Control.)
VerticalGridLinesBrush (Inherited from DataGrid.)
VerticalScrollBarVisibility (Inherited from DataGrid.)
Visibility (Inherited from UIElement.)
VisualBitmapEffect Obsolete. (Inherited from Visual.)
VisualBitmapEffectInput Obsolete. (Inherited from Visual.)
VisualBitmapScalingMode (Inherited from Visual.)
VisualCacheMode (Inherited from Visual.)
VisualChildrenCount (Inherited from FrameworkElement.)
VisualClearTypeHint (Inherited from Visual.)
VisualClip (Inherited from Visual.)
VisualEdgeMode (Inherited from Visual.)
VisualEffect (Inherited from Visual.)
VisualOffset (Inherited from Visual.)
VisualOpacity (Inherited from Visual.)
VisualOpacityMask (Inherited from Visual.)
VisualParent (Inherited from Visual.)
VisualScrollableAreaClip (Inherited from Visual.)
VisualTextHintingMode (Inherited from Visual.)
VisualTextRenderingMode (Inherited from Visual.)
VisualTransform (Inherited from Visual.)
VisualXSnappingGuidelines (Inherited from Visual.)
VisualYSnappingGuidelines (Inherited from Visual.)
Width (Inherited from FrameworkElement.)


AddingNewItem (Inherited from DataGrid.)
Raised when the asynchronous presentation operations are completed, during component initialization and when the source item collection changes.
Raised when the asynchronous presentation operations start, during component initialization and when the source item collection changes.
AutoGeneratedColumns (Inherited from DataGrid.)
AutoGeneratingColumn (Inherited from DataGrid.)
BeginningEdit (Inherited from DataGrid.)
CellEditEnding (Inherited from DataGrid.)
ColumnDisplayIndexChanged (Inherited from DataGrid.)
ColumnHeaderDragCompleted (Inherited from DataGrid.)
ColumnHeaderDragDelta (Inherited from DataGrid.)
ColumnHeaderDragStarted (Inherited from DataGrid.)
ColumnReordered (Inherited from DataGrid.)
ColumnReordering (Inherited from DataGrid.)
ContextMenuClosing (Inherited from FrameworkElement.)
ContextMenuOpening (Inherited from FrameworkElement.)
CopyingRowClipboardContent (Inherited from DataGrid.)
CurrentCellChanged (Inherited from DataGrid.)
DataContextChanged (Inherited from FrameworkElement.)
DragEnter (Inherited from UIElement.)
DragLeave (Inherited from UIElement.)
DragOver (Inherited from UIElement.)
Drop (Inherited from UIElement.)
FocusableChanged (Inherited from UIElement.)
GiveFeedback (Inherited from UIElement.)
GotFocus (Inherited from UIElement.)
GotKeyboardFocus (Inherited from UIElement.)
GotMouseCapture (Inherited from UIElement.)
GotStylusCapture (Inherited from UIElement.)
GotTouchCapture (Inherited from UIElement.)
Initialized (Inherited from FrameworkElement.)
InitializingNewItem (Inherited from DataGrid.)
IsEnabledChanged (Inherited from UIElement.)
IsHitTestVisibleChanged (Inherited from UIElement.)
IsKeyboardFocusedChanged (Inherited from UIElement.)
IsKeyboardFocusWithinChanged (Inherited from UIElement.)
IsMouseCapturedChanged (Inherited from UIElement.)
IsMouseCaptureWithinChanged (Inherited from UIElement.)
IsMouseDirectlyOverChanged (Inherited from UIElement.)
IsStylusCapturedChanged (Inherited from UIElement.)
IsStylusCaptureWithinChanged (Inherited from UIElement.)
IsStylusDirectlyOverChanged (Inherited from UIElement.)
IsVisibleChanged (Inherited from UIElement.)
Occurs when the data item collection within the control changes.
Occurs when a data property value of an item within the control changes.
KeyDown (Inherited from UIElement.)
KeyUp (Inherited from UIElement.)
LayoutUpdated (Inherited from UIElement.)
Loaded (Inherited from FrameworkElement.)
LoadingRow (Inherited from DataGrid.)
LoadingRowDetails (Inherited from DataGrid.)
LostFocus (Inherited from UIElement.)
LostKeyboardFocus (Inherited from UIElement.)
LostMouseCapture (Inherited from UIElement.)
LostStylusCapture (Inherited from UIElement.)
LostTouchCapture (Inherited from UIElement.)
ManipulationBoundaryFeedback (Inherited from UIElement.)
ManipulationCompleted (Inherited from UIElement.)
ManipulationDelta (Inherited from UIElement.)
ManipulationInertiaStarting (Inherited from UIElement.)
ManipulationStarted (Inherited from UIElement.)
ManipulationStarting (Inherited from UIElement.)
MouseDoubleClick (Inherited from Control.)
MouseDown (Inherited from UIElement.)
MouseEnter (Inherited from UIElement.)
MouseLeave (Inherited from UIElement.)
MouseLeftButtonDown (Inherited from UIElement.)
MouseLeftButtonUp (Inherited from UIElement.)
MouseMove (Inherited from UIElement.)
MouseRightButtonDown (Inherited from UIElement.)
MouseRightButtonUp (Inherited from UIElement.)
MouseUp (Inherited from UIElement.)
MouseWheel (Inherited from UIElement.)
PreparingCellForEdit (Inherited from DataGrid.)
PreviewDragEnter (Inherited from UIElement.)
PreviewDragLeave (Inherited from UIElement.)
PreviewDragOver (Inherited from UIElement.)
PreviewDrop (Inherited from UIElement.)
PreviewGiveFeedback (Inherited from UIElement.)
PreviewGotKeyboardFocus (Inherited from UIElement.)
PreviewKeyDown (Inherited from UIElement.)
PreviewKeyUp (Inherited from UIElement.)
PreviewLostKeyboardFocus (Inherited from UIElement.)
PreviewMouseDoubleClick (Inherited from Control.)
PreviewMouseDown (Inherited from UIElement.)
PreviewMouseLeftButtonDown (Inherited from UIElement.)
PreviewMouseLeftButtonUp (Inherited from UIElement.)
PreviewMouseMove (Inherited from UIElement.)
PreviewMouseRightButtonDown (Inherited from UIElement.)
PreviewMouseRightButtonUp (Inherited from UIElement.)
PreviewMouseUp (Inherited from UIElement.)
PreviewMouseWheel (Inherited from UIElement.)
PreviewQueryContinueDrag (Inherited from UIElement.)
PreviewStylusButtonDown (Inherited from UIElement.)
PreviewStylusButtonUp (Inherited from UIElement.)
PreviewStylusDown (Inherited from UIElement.)
PreviewStylusInAirMove (Inherited from UIElement.)
PreviewStylusInRange (Inherited from UIElement.)
PreviewStylusMove (Inherited from UIElement.)
PreviewStylusOutOfRange (Inherited from UIElement.)
PreviewStylusSystemGesture (Inherited from UIElement.)
PreviewStylusUp (Inherited from UIElement.)
PreviewTextInput (Inherited from UIElement.)
PreviewTouchDown (Inherited from UIElement.)
PreviewTouchMove (Inherited from UIElement.)
PreviewTouchUp (Inherited from UIElement.)
QueryContinueDrag (Inherited from UIElement.)
QueryCursor (Inherited from UIElement.)
RequestBringIntoView (Inherited from FrameworkElement.)
RowDetailsVisibilityChanged (Inherited from DataGrid.)
RowEditEnding (Inherited from DataGrid.)
SelectedCellsChanged (Inherited from DataGrid.)
SelectionChanged (Inherited from Selector.)
SizeChanged (Inherited from FrameworkElement.)
Sorting (Inherited from DataGrid.)
SourceUpdated (Inherited from FrameworkElement.)
StylusButtonDown (Inherited from UIElement.)
StylusButtonUp (Inherited from UIElement.)
StylusDown (Inherited from UIElement.)
StylusEnter (Inherited from UIElement.)
StylusInAirMove (Inherited from UIElement.)
StylusInRange (Inherited from UIElement.)
StylusLeave (Inherited from UIElement.)
StylusMove (Inherited from UIElement.)
StylusOutOfRange (Inherited from UIElement.)
StylusSystemGesture (Inherited from UIElement.)
StylusUp (Inherited from UIElement.)
TargetUpdated (Inherited from FrameworkElement.)
TextInput (Inherited from UIElement.)
ToolTipClosing (Inherited from FrameworkElement.)
ToolTipOpening (Inherited from FrameworkElement.)
TouchDown (Inherited from UIElement.)
TouchEnter (Inherited from UIElement.)
TouchLeave (Inherited from UIElement.)
TouchMove (Inherited from UIElement.)
TouchUp (Inherited from UIElement.)
Unloaded (Inherited from FrameworkElement.)
UnloadingRow (Inherited from DataGrid.)
UnloadingRowDetails (Inherited from DataGrid.)

Explicit Interface Implementations

IAddChild..::.AddChild (Inherited from ItemsControl.)
IAddChild..::.AddText (Inherited from ItemsControl.)
System#Windows#Controls#Primitives#IContainItemStorage#Clear (Inherited from ItemsControl.)
System#Windows#Controls#Primitives#IContainItemStorage#ClearItemValue (Inherited from ItemsControl.)
System#Windows#Controls#Primitives#IContainItemStorage#ClearValue (Inherited from ItemsControl.)
System#Windows#Markup#IQueryAmbient#IsAmbientPropertyAvailable (Inherited from FrameworkElement.)
System#Windows#Controls#Primitives#IContainItemStorage#ReadItemValue (Inherited from ItemsControl.)
System#Windows#Controls#Primitives#IContainItemStorage#StoreItemValue (Inherited from ItemsControl.)

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