Gets a collection of ScheduleChartItem objects that may be used as an item collection within an associated IScheduleChartView control. Requires that AssignmentsContent property of the task items is of type string, formatted as a list of resource names separated by commas, optionally having associated allocation percents declared between square brackets (e.g.: "John, Mary [50%], Diane [12.5%]").

Namespace:  DlhSoft.Windows.Controls
Assembly:  DlhSoft.ProjectData.GanttChart.LightWPF.Controls (in DlhSoft.ProjectData.GanttChart.LightWPF.Controls.dll)


public ObservableCollection<ScheduleChartItem> GetScheduleChartItems(
	bool includingPredecessors
Visual Basic (Declaration)
Public Function GetScheduleChartItems ( _
	includingPredecessors As Boolean _
) As ObservableCollection(Of ScheduleChartItem)


Type: System..::.Boolean
When true, the GanttChartItem objects collected on the fly will have corresponding PredecessorItem instances generated, too.

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