Iterates the list of standard task assignments (defined as task items) for a specific resource within the control. Requires that AssignmentsContent property of the task items is of type string, formatted as a list of resource names separated by commas, optionally having associated allocation percents declared between square brackets (e.g.: "John, Mary [50%], Diane [12.5%]"), or, in case of a Schedule Chart, formatted as an optional allocation percent (e.g.: "12.5%").

Namespace:  DlhSoft.Windows.Controls
Assembly:  DlhSoft.ProjectData.GanttChart.LightWPF.Controls (in DlhSoft.ProjectData.GanttChart.LightWPF.Controls.dll)


IEnumerable<GanttChartItem> GetAssignedItems(
	string resourceName
Visual Basic (Declaration)
Function GetAssignedItems ( _
	resourceName As String _
) As IEnumerable(Of GanttChartItem)


Type: System..::.String
The resource name to get the assignments of.

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