Converts custom task event items optionally referring custom predecessor items to a collection of PertChartItem objects referring PredecessorItem objects (as required by Items property of PertChartView component). Use *Member properties of the converter instance to control which properties of custom items are bound to which PertChartItem and PredecessorItem properties (undefined/null Member values indicate properties that are not bound and default values are automatically generated for these properties on PertChartItem and PredecessorItem objects instead). The converter uses reflection to retreive the appropriate property values from your custom data objects and apply them to the corresponding PertChartItem and PredecessorItem instances. Referred member properties of custom items should be public and accessible for reading and optionally writing (property paths are not supported). Set UpdateSourceOnTargetChanges and/or UpdateTargetOnSourceChanges properties to true/false to indicate the directions of internally managed change updates. Note that UpdateTargetOnSourceChanges works only when the custom data source implements INotifyCollectionChanged interface and/or custom data objects implement INotifyPropertyChanged interface. When UpdateSourceOnTargetChanges is set new objects that need to be created are generated by Activator.CreateInstance internal calls, and therefore they need to provide public access to their parameterless constructor (or their default constructor).

Namespace:  DlhSoft.Windows.Controls.Pert
Assembly:  DlhSoft.ProjectData.PertChart.LightWPF.Controls (in DlhSoft.ProjectData.PertChart.LightWPF.Controls.dll)


public class TaskEventItemsConverter : IValueConverter
Visual Basic (Declaration)
Public Class TaskEventItemsConverter _
	Implements IValueConverter

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