Gantt Chart Web Library

for ASP .NET 4+ WebForms/MVC and HTML5 with optional SharePoint® Web parts – build
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Customizable grid

Easily add built-in or custom grid columns bound to custom item properties, set up row filtering, and allow editing cell values on the client side without interruption eventually receiving all recorded changes upon postback.

Customizable timeline

Customize working week and day time intervals, add nonworking days as needed, and use built-in and custom timeline scale types with built-in or custom header interval formatting and optional vertical bars.

Project management

Configure and manage tasks, dependencies, resources and assignments, and build highly compatible applications using Microsoft® Project XML schema based import and export. Print and export Gantt Chart documents.

Customizable appearance

Set up grid and chart item styles using CSS or define fully custom bar templates using inline JavaScript®. Dependency lines can be also customized. Bootstrap friendly by design with built-in support for custom style class names.

Seamless integration

While on the client side the components use JavaScript® extensively, the process is hidden from the .NET developer. You don't even need to add script elements in the page header yourself (although you can, to increase performance).

Developer friendly

Test the product for free for unlimited time. SharePoint® Web part included for Gantt Chart. Multiple sample applications are available, including a data access example with SQL Server® persistence.


Multiple license types with different pricing options are available: there is one for everyone!

Mini Edition
Personal License
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  • Gantt Chart component only
  • for a single developer
  • royalty-free perpetuum license
  • with unlimited support
Basic Edition
Small Team License
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Standard Edition
Business Plus License
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  • All components with source code
  • for any development team size
  • royalty-free perpetuum license
  • with unlimited high priority support