Gantt Charts

What is a Gantt Chart?

A Gantt Chart is a bar chart that presents items (such as tasks in a project) horizontally aligned to a timeline (usually available as chart header scales), vertically positioning data either as a single bar or as multiple bars per row. Some Gantt charts may also show dependencies between items (i.e., predecessor links).

What Gantt Chart component types does DlhSoft offer?

A comprehensive table illustrating most of the Gantt Chart controls available from DlhSoft is presented below:

Type for Silverlight™/WPF for WPF for Windows® Forms for ASP .NET/HTML5 for UWP (WinRT)

Gantt Chart

Standard work breakdown structure chart displaying interactive task bars and dependency lines.

GanttChartDataGrid, GanttChartView GanttChartTaskListView, GanttChartView GanttChartView GanttChartView

Schedule Chart

Resource based chart displaying multiple interactive assignment bars per row.

ScheduleChartDataGrid, ScheduleChartView ScheduleChartResourceListView, ScheduleChartView

Load Chart

Resource based chart displaying work load as static allocation bars.

LoadChartDataGrid, LoadChartView LoadChartResourceListView, LoadChartView ResourceLoadChartView