Hosting DlhSoft WPF controls in WPF browser applications (XBAP)

With .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 it is difficult to deploy WPF browser applications that include DlhSoft WPF controls on the Internet zone, because in order to be able to run properly, our components require full trust permissions. However, in order to be able to run a full trust WPF browser application on a client machine, the end user requires to manually set up the Web address of the application as trusted in .NET Configuration, or install a certificate on the client machine (received from the Web server).

Both solutions are not easy to actually implement, and Microsoft® .NET Framework 4 include better support for WPF browser applications (XBAP) that require full trust when running on client machines. The new feature regards granting required full trust permissions if the end user simply accepts to run the application in this mode (by selecting a choice), similar to the behavior of the ClickOnce deployed applications. You can review this MSDN blog entry for more information regarding this topic.