DlhSoft Project Management Framework Documentation

Project Management Framework Library contains .NET core components such as TaskManager class:

·        TaskManager component is used to manage and schedule a list of task items (TaskItem objects) provided by the developer through the Items collection.

The task item properties (TaskItem objects) are presented below:

·        Indentation: The hierarchy is based on the indentation level values of the tasks, so that a task with a lower index in the collection and having a specific indentation level will become the parent task for the tasks with a higher index in the collection and having an increased indentation level;

·        Start, Finish, CompletedFinish, IsMilestone;

·        Assignments: The assignments collection defines assignment items (AssignmentItem object) referring to external resource objects;

·        Predecessors: The predecessors collection defines predecessor items (PredecessorItem objects) referring to predecessor task items;

·        Tag: The object that represents the task item externally, usually the task name.


The root assemblies and types that the library includes are listed below:

Core Project Management .NET Components (DlhSoft.ProjectData.Core) assembly:

·        TaskManager component (DlhSoft.Windows.Data namespace).

Get Started

To add references to the library assemblies within your solution project using Visual Studio®, please follow these steps:

·        Select your project in Solution Explorer;

·        Use the Add Reference command from the Project menu to open the Add Reference dialog window;

·        Locate and select the assemblies you want to reference within the .NET tab of the Add Reference dialog window;

·        Click OK to close the dialog window. The assemblies are referenced in your project.

To be able to specify the referenced type names in your main source code without any DlhSoft namespace prefix, make sure you also include using or Imports directives and/or Register definitions for the appropriate namespaces in each of the referencing source code files.


For more info, including a list of operations that the components provide, see technical reference:

·        TaskManager class members