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Product licensing

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DlhSoft offers several types of licenses for multiple products and versions, and targeting different platforms:

Purchasing, installing, and applying product usage licenses is easy, as most of our products include a License Manager tool that allows you to perform these related actions from a comprehensive console (for the others a simple Copy operation is enough).

A comprehensive diagram that could help you through the process depending on the selected DlhSoft product, version, and its target platform is presented below:


In summary, the common steps to perform when you want to install and apply a recently purchased DlhSoft license file to your computer(s) are:

Note that if you have obtained DlhSoft component assemblies through NuGet packages, for each product you will be able to find the License Manager tool within an archive deployed onto a subfolder of your solution's packages folder. For example, let's assume you've added a dependency to NuGet package DlhSoft.GanttChartLightLibrary version from .NET 4.5+ projects within your Visual Studio solution; to set up the product license file that you've purchased for DlhSoft Gantt Chart Light Library, follow these steps: