Gantt Chart Library

for Windows® Forms (.NET) 2.0+ – build

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Customizable grid

Data bind component instances to object collections, DataSets or other sources with ease, and add grid columns bound to custom item properties as needed.

Customizable timeline

Customize working week days and hours, use built-in timeline scale types with built-in or custom header interval formatting, and even draw supplemental graphics if needed.

Project management

Configure and manage tasks, dependencies, and assignments, developing complex Windows® Forms based project management applications. Print Gantt Chart documents and export images.

Customizable appearance

Set up grid and chart item styling properties as needed in your application. Pre- and post-paint event handlers are supported if you need to customize output even further.

Developer friendly

Test the product for free for unlimited time. A set of comprehensible sample applications is available, including a data access example with SQL Server® persistence.


This library has been designed and developed a long time ago. To develop modern desktop applications with WPF and XAML, consider switching to Gantt Chart Light Library!


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