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Software development Services

Technical analysis

From gathering requirements and solution envisioning to technical specifications and work plans

Software architecture

Design patterns to use, data flows to follow, performance and security concerns addressed early

Code engineering

We write code with passion and we keep it clean, transparent, maintainable, and documented

DlhSoft component integration

Since we know our components and their APIs best so we can integrate them into your app at the lowest cost

Quality assurance

Automatic unit tests and integration tests backed up by interface and functional testing performed manually

Deployment and maintenance

We'll deploy to the cloud or to on-premises environments with complete and highly responsive technical support

Our prices are always affordable, hour rates varying only on objective factors such as the project complexity, duration, and involved resources. Quality is continuously maintained at the highest level, as we our job with passion and dedication.

We offer a guarantee period of at least 90 days for all software development services that we provide. We will also ensure efficient and transparent project management, software development, and quality assurance processes, by providing you with easy to use tools for reviewing and managing requirements, issues, and deliveries. Moreover, regardless of the legal guarantee limitations specified within the signed agreement documents, we aim to provide free and unlimited support services including answering technical questions and resolving reported issues at the maximum possible responsiveness level.

Since 2004 DlhSoft has provided software development services to several customers worldwide using a wide range of tools and technologies including .NET (C#, WPF, Windows® Forms, ASP .NET, WebAPI, etc.), HTML5 (JavaScript®, TypeScript, Angular), SQL Server®, and Microsoft® Azure. Recently we've also turned to native macOS and iOS development using Xcode.

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