Gantt Chart Hyper Library

Powerful Gantt chart components for JavaScript and HTML5

Available since 2012, designed to empower businesses worldwide, developed with common customer requirements in mind, and used by companies of all sizes, government organizations, and even educational institutions to create stunning Gantt chart applications with more ease. Whether you or your end users need to manage project schedules, track resources, or simply visualize timelines, this library has got you covered.
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Interactive Gantt chart and scheduling components with built-in project management features, ready for the development framework of your choice


for HTML5 and JavaScript® with optional TypeScript support and Angular, React & Vue extensions
built with inline SVG support of HTML5 – build

... and/or get the package now, e.g. with npm, and test it on your side:

npm install @dlhsoft/ganttcharthyperlibrary
  • Editing, drag and drop, dependencies

    The end users can drag and drop task bars, draw dependency lines of all types, and edit task data directly within an associated grid. With developer's support, they can also get estimation task dates, auto-calculated WBS values, and cost fields, as needed. DlhSoft Gantt chart components can really do anything related to a timeline, directly in the client side's browser. All without requiring any third party packages whatsoever!

  • Resources, project management features

    The Gantt chart components allow end users to add resource allocations (people or materials). Also, with optional auto-scheduling, critical item highlighting, resource leveling, baseline bars, and task splitting, these components were all built with full project management support in mind.

  • High performance, customizability

    User interface virtualization and asynchronous behaviors are enabled by default and by design, getting the components responsive in less than 3 seconds when loading as much as 10,000 items on modern PCs. Customizable grid columns, summarized work breakdown structure, beautiful and interactive chart with draggable bars and dependency lines, copy-paste, filtering rows, detailed item change events. With full Typescript 2.0+ support.

  • Printing, exporting images, Microsoft Project, and Excel®

    Call Print method to initiate printing (or PDF exporting). Export HTML documents, and server side PNG images using GanttChartExporter component*. Enable saving and loading Microsoft Project XML content by leveraging ProjectSerlializer. Use Adapter API (free for product licensees; requires .NET server) to save and load data from Excel® sheets, too.

  • Mobile devices, touch support

    End users can drag and drop task bars and update completion values with their fingers on touch-enabled devices. And they can also create dependencies between tasks, expand and collapse nodes, and change the grid-chart splitter position using similar, intuitive, gestures. In the grid area end users can further edit task names, dates, select assigned resources from a drop down list, and so on, directly from their phones, for example.

Customizable appearance

  • Customize bars, dependency lines, task rows, and much more

    You may change colors and miscellaneous style settings of the output HTML and SVG elements either generally or for individual data items, and write template overriding functions to generate custom interface for standard, milestone, and summary tasks, and/or for dependency lines, as needed. And you can also add support for storing and displaying bar interruptions, too.

  • Chart headers/scales

    The components come with configurable timeline duration and zoom level, and customizable intervals of visible week day and hour intervals. Scale headers support multiple types of built-in and custom intervals and texts, date formatters, and you can even configure the update interval that would apply to round up times upon dragging task bars.

  • Grid cell editors, bar extras

    Use either built in or custom grid cell template and conversion functions, including but not limited to date and date-time formatting and picking behaviors. Users can edit assigned resources of each task using specially designed multi-select combo box, from the inline grid, too. The side screenshot shows task bar labels and custom resource icons displayed to the right of task bars instead of the default assignment names.

  • Non-working days, holidays, task parts

    Besides configurable week day intervals to be applied upon scheduling tasks (possible different for specific tasks), the components come with support for special days such as vacations and holidays (possibly different for individual items, too). Any item can either have a single bar to be shown on its row, or an array of "parts" indicating a set of bars to be presented instead. Each bar can be individually set up by the developer and dragged around by the user, having the same API as hierarchical item (excepting the grid cells.)

  • Dragging and dropping, adding dependencies

    Based on project data you can also generate charts displaying items assigned to each resource on a separate row and allow dragging the bars vertically (from their bottom area) to change the assignments (or use custom code to allow dragging them between components.). Dependencies between tasks can be added as well when the developer sets the component up to accept it.

  • Grid columns, resource hierarchy

    Within a ScheduleChartView component, resources can be displayed in groups (of unlimited indentation levels) as well. With full expanding and collapsing support, of course.

  • Print, exporting

    Call Print method to initiate printing (or PDF exporting). Export HTML documents, and server side PNG images using GanttChartExporter component*.

  • Schedule (really) anything

    And if you set up custom headers to display specific intervals, you can easily present anything that can be scheduled. Work shifts (night-morning-afternoon) presented below are just one example out of an infinity!

Load Charts, PERT Charts, Network Diagrams

You can easily generate other types of diagrams based on Gantt Chart items (or by defining data on the fly).
JavaScript based, and with TypeScript definitions, too, of course.


Resources for getting started and for further development

Get the package

You can download the software either as Windows installer or as a simple .zip archive, or, even simpler, get the package using npm, set it up into your app, and you're ready to go.

Sample apps

A full range of demo applications with sample source code and inline comments is available. Run them now, online, then check out (or download) their source code and adapt it into your solution with ease. See also: a .NET WebAPI based example with SQL Server® persistence.

Free unlimited trial

Our component library is available as a free and technically unlimited trial version that developers can directly download and test into the real environments of your solution.


Our comprehensive documentation includes tutorials that can help you set up the package in different JavaScript framework environments, and the reference list of fields and methods available with all components and data types they use is ready to help whenever you need the info. See also: Typescript definitions.

Do you want us to integrate our components into your solution, binding your own data sources and adapting the user interface to your environment? Or do you need specific features implemented on top of our components? Or you just want a related (or unrelated) custom solution? Contact us for a free quote now!

Free support
provided by developers

We aim to offer always responsive e-mail based support for free, both before and after you purchase a product license. If you have questions, do not hesitate to ask: technical questions will be answered directly by our development team!


Multiple license types with different pricing options are available: there is one for everyone!

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